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    Freshnaps - Personal Flushable Cleansing Cloths

    Infused with the extracts of Witch Hazel... Experience the smooth, cool and soothing cleansing effect that will leave you feeling Fresh and Confident. Designed to be the perfect travel companion every bathroom bag, back pack or back pocket will have more than enough room for. Lightly scented with a renewed type fragrance our wipes will have you feeling just that. Renewed. Alcohol free, cooling and of course Flushable... Freshnaps is ready when it's time to go. Perfect for the home bathroom or as on the go companion, these flushable personal cleaning cloths provide a fresh and confident clean every-time. Fitting right in with your daily bathroom routine, our conveniently compact cooling wipes will take up hardly any space and add the feel of comfort to any bathroom. Freshnaps are Alcohol Free and our Stay Fresh resealable sticker keeps them moist and fresh for many uses. Features easy single hand dispensing with a light renewed-like fragrance for that extra added fresh effect. Freshnaps will leave you with a cool, clean and confident feeling to take on the rest of your day or night. You'll know when you need them and you'll be glad that you have them. Freshnaps... For when it's time to go.